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Our History

Founded in 1983, Groupe Gilco is a Quebec company specializing in manufacturing and distributing cleaning supplies.

Two brothers started selling cleaning supplies door-to-door. As demand increased, the company followed suit. A series of five acquisitions allowed Groupe Gilco to expand its warehouse space and develop a product line in their laboratory.


In 1983, Group Gilco was founded and moved into an 8,000 square feet warehouse on Jarry in Saint Leonard.

In 1995, Groupe Gilco moved to a 17,000 square foot warehouse on rue Isabey in Ville Saint-Laurent.

In 2000, Groupe Gilco moved into a 34,000 square foot warehouse on rue Saint Urbain in Montreal.

In 2006, Groupe Gilco moved into an 85,000 square foot warehouse Boul Industriel in Laval.

In 2022, Groupe Gilco is expanding to 100,000 square feet at their current location.

Today, Groupe Gilco is proud to have two generations of family running the company and a devoted team of employees.

Groupe Gilco is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest industry standards. Their multifaceted infrastructure, in-house laboratory and expanding product line can accommodate the evolving demands of the cleaning products industry.

Our Mission

Accommodate the evolving needs of their valurd clients needs through our dedicated team of agents and our multifaceted infrastructure, capable of serving both large and smaller-scale Businesses. Gilco Group operates as a large-scale manufacturer with family values.

Our Values
Customer Care

Passionate about building long-term customer relationships to maintain satisfaction and loyalty.


Frequent rigorous testing is performed to verify the integrity of all products.


Decades of experience in the industry and an established network of credible suppliers allow Groupe Gilco to gain the trust of prominent institutions, including governments, hospitals and schools.


Groupe Gilco developed a distinctive product line in their in-house laboratory. High levels of active ingredients are used to maximize the efficiency of each product.

Environmental Consciousness

The safety and security of our employees, our clients and the environment are of utmost importance. Therefore, we offer an array of eco-friendly products, and we are committed to cultivating environmentally-conscious solutions.

Local production

The entire line of Gilco products is manufactured proudly in Quebec, and they support many local suppliers.

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